18 Stunning and Vibrant Ottomon Coffee Tables for Your Space

Coffee tables are not just used for serving snacks and beverages to the guests but also offer a good place where healthy conversations can be initiated. These tables also have a reflection of your choices and personality. If your coffee table is stylish, then it will definitely have a positive impression on the visitors. Moreover, it will also enhance the look of the room.

Therefore, it is important to select a coffee table that is not only attractive but also matches your style.

One such innovative table idea is ottoman tables that are stylish and can be used for sitting also. These tables offer a lot of versatility and will become the center of attraction wherever they are placed. You can also add these tables to your home to add some style to it.

Below are a few ideas that you can consider while selecting a coffee table ottoman for your home to give it a new and creative look.

1. Off-White Coffee Table Ottoman

Quinn Coffee Table Ottoman

A classy upgrade to your boring living room can be this; off-white coffee table ottoman. It will blend flawlessly with the white or off-white sofa present in the living room. You can keep the ottoman coffee table in your bedroom, also.

You can style the coffee table with some classic decor items like vases and trays to elevate its look. You need to deal carefully with the white-colored ottoman coffee table, as; if it gets stained, it won’t be easy to hide the stains.

2. Classic Brown Color Coffee Table Ottoman

Classic Brown Color Coffee Table Ottoman

Brown-colored furniture has its own charm that no one can replace. Brown color furniture gives a classic and decent look wherever placed. You can add a decent look to your living room with a brown-colored ottoman coffee table. This simple-looking table will look gracious when placed in your living room.

This brown table is also ideal for minimalistic lovers as with this table. You need not place any other fancy stuff to highlight its look. This table will look complete in itself when placed in any area. This makes it the first choice of minimalistic lovers.

3. Woven Ottoman Coffee Table

Woven Ottoman Coffee Table

A woven ottoman coffee table will help you to style your home in a unique way. It will help you add a contemporary touch to your home and set it apart from the others. You can use woven ottoman coffee tables if you have lightweight furniture, especially cane furniture. It will give a handcrafted vibe to your home.

These coffee tables are designed to complement the lightweight furniture and enhance the look of the living room at the same time. In addition to this, they are also provided with hidden storage facilities so you can also store some of your stuff in it and at the same time use it for serving coffee to the guests.

4. Flat Surfaced Ottoman Coffee Table

Flat Surfaced Ottoman Coffee Table

The ottoman coffee table need not always be supported on stands. With time many innovations have been seen; one such innovation is a flat-surfaced ottoman coffee table. It gives a modern look to the coffee table. This coffee table will even look good in an office as the flat surface gives the traditional-looking autumn table a formal look.

The flat surface coffee table is generally found in either rectangular or square shape. The color of the Ottoman table may vary, but the look achieved will always be a formal one.

5. Stylish Faux Leather Coffee Table Ottoman

Stylish Faux Leather Coffee Table Ottoman

Faux leather is a durable material used in almost every kind of furniture, like headboards, tables, chairs, etc. Faux leather has an elegant appearance, and that’s why it is so popular. If you want to add elegance and style to your living room, then you can experiment with the furniture of the room.

If you wish, you can add a stylish faux leather coffee table that will not only adorn the look of the living room but will also become the focal point of the room and, at the same time, can be used to serve delicacies to the people.

6. Ottoman Coffee Table with Metallic Framed Base

Ottoman Coffee Table with Metallic Framed Base

This kind of table is ideal to give a modern and stylish look in your living room. The metallic framed base is the distinctive feature of this table and will surely grab everyone’s attention when placed in the living room. To enhance the look of the room, you can select a contrasting or complementing table that best suits your interests and then flaunt your choices amongst guests.

The top of the table can be decorated with some antique or fancy stuff to enhance the show. Metallic framed ottoman tables are beautiful because of the metallic base and will serve you for a longer period.

7. Circular Table

Circular Table

A circular table is all you need to have a balanced look in your living room. A circular ottoman coffee table will reflect symmetry in your living room and will help you add a unique dimension to your room.

There are a lot of design variations available in a circular table. If you wish you can keep a small ottoman table in your bedroom also. People who have small living rooms can opt for a circular table as it occupies less space when compared to a rectangular or square ottoman table.

8. Upholstered Oversized Ottoman

Upholstered Oversized Ottoman

Ottoman coffee tables are ideal for people who like to get creative and artistic. This table will surely enhance the look of your room, helping to add a creative touch to your living room.

The wooden base will help you in achieving a rustic feel. And the light blue colored top gives a delicate touch to the table. If you want to get a bold touch, you can go for darker shades. The wooden base will not only help in achieving a rustic look but will also provide strength to the table.

9. Gray Ottoman Coffee Table

Gray Ottoman Coffee Table

The gray color is a lot in trend nowadays. From bedrooms to living rooms to bathrooms, people have added a lot of gray colors to add a modern touch. Gray color has become the first choice of many people to enhance the look of their homes. If you wish, you can add a gray colored ottoman coffee table to add something interesting to your living room.

The gray color ottoman coffee tables will look good with both light colors and dark-colored sofa sets. If you are going for a light-colored sofa set, you can add some accessories to enhance its look.

On the other hand, when going for a darker one, there is no need to worry about adding accessories, as it will look beautiful even when left empty.

10. Printed Coffee Table Ottoman

Printed Coffee Table Ottoman

If you are a person who likes to do something creative and out of the box, then you can go for this printed ottoman coffee table. This table has a modern look and will look good in the kid’s room, also.

This table is ideal for people who want to try something different. The color and fabric of the ottoman coffee table may vary as there is diversity available in printed ottoman tables. These tables will look stylish and vibrant; when placed in any home; and will complement light furniture placed in rooms.

11. Velvet Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Velvet Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

If you are looking for a luxurious piece of furniture to add to your living room or your bedroom that will look graceful when placed in the room, then you should go for a velvet tufted ottoman coffee table. Since it is made of velvet, it is very comfortable, and you can even sit on it.

Though the velvet tufted ottoman coffee table will look pretty when placed in the living room, still proper attention needs while serving beverages as, if they fall on the table, the stains might last forever, spoiling the look of the coffee day.

12. Ottoman Coffee Table with a Slide

Ottoman Coffee Table with a Slide

If you are looking for a coffee table with a touch of wood, you can go for this coffee table with a slide. In this, the wooden part can be used to keep showpieces, and even if you are afraid that you might spoil the table with coffee or any other beverage, you can keep it on that slide to keep your table safe.

The wooden slide does not look like an addition; instead, it blends seamlessly with the table, giving it a dainty look. The width of the slide can be customized according to your wish.

13. Vintage Look with Coffee Table Ottoman

Vintage Look with Coffee Table Ottoman

The ottoman table, if selected perfectly, can be used to achieve any look. For example, if you want to achieve a vintage look in your living room, you can go for an ottoman coffee table with pedestal legs. For example, you can use a printed ottoman cover with golden pedestal legs for a vintage look.

Similarly, you can use a wooden carved pedestal-legged coffee table for a vintage look. You can pair it up with a matching sofa set, and a few accessories can be displayed on the table to enhance the look of the table.

14. Artistic Coffee Table

Artistic Coffee Table

An innovative way to add some depth to your living room is by adding this artistic coffee table ottoman in your living room. This table will not only look artistic but classic as well if selected properly. Another advantage of this artistic coffee table is that it comes with additional storage.

Thus, you can store your stuff on the tables as well. Moreover, this coffee table is all set to give you a restaurant-like feel at your home, and you will be able to style your living room uniquely and interestingly.

15. Cubical Coffee Table Ottoman

Cubical Coffee Table Ottoman

If you are looking for a cute addition to your living room or bedroom that can be placed anywhere in the room and serve as a storage place, then you can go for this cubical coffee table ottoman. This table can be placed on a patio or balcony to intensify the look of the area, wherever kept.

These dark bold colored ottoman coffee tables will essentially complement dark-colored sofa sets and; will add a boldness to the place where they are kept. As they are lightweight, they can easily be shifted from one place to another, thus offering versatility to the owners.

16. Ottoman Table with Built-In Drawer

Ottoman Table with Built-In Drawer

We are all well acquainted with the fact that the use of tables is not just serving snacks to the guests but is also used to keep a few belongings and to display some antiques and decorative stuff. If you are looking for a table in which you can store some things, you can go for this table with built-in drawers, as you can keep a few things in the drawer.

It has a classic and decent look and will impart a similar look when placed in your living room. You can experiment with the tabletop to customize it according to your preferences. Overall, this table will give a modern look to the home.

17. Dual Ottoman Coffee Table

Dual Ottoman Coffee Table

Suppose you want to play stylist to upgrade your boring coffee tables and are looking for something artistic and creative. In that case, you can go for this dual ottoman coffee table, as it is different from the basic tables and will instantly add a unique character to any place. Their modern and stylish appeal will give a unique vibe to your living room.

Furthermore, they are lightweight, so you can easily clean the area beneath or lift it from one place to another without difficulty. These tables are ideal for people who prefer being minimalistic and are looking for a table with minimum storage facility.

18.Quinn Coffee Table Ottoman

Quinn Coffee Table Ottoman

Another simple yet stylish autumn coffee table that will elevate any room’s appearance is this Quinn coffee table ottoman. The table is unique and distinctive from other tables. This table can be used in multiple ways. For example, you can use it as a table, and even the ottoman base can be used as a stool for sitting.

The table is durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain also. It has got both a modern as well as a formal appearance, so it can also be placed in offices to serve as a stylish addition to offices and add charm to the offices with the help of this coffee table.


Ottoman tables offer a lot of versatility to the people. They are available in various designs and shapes. You can also experiment with the color and material to customize the table according to your choices. You can create bold, stylish, traditional, or any other look in your living room; using ottoman tables.
The size and shape of the tables also vary significantly, and the look is dependent on the shape of the tables. The use of these tables is not limited to the living rooms. These tables can be kept on the balconies, bedrooms, etc.

Thus, we can say that there is no end to the ideas in which you can use the tables to intensify the look of your home. And last but not least, style the Ottoman table with a few accessories to create magic with it.

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