Green Velvet Sofas at Every Price Point

13 Green Velvet Sofas for Every Budget and Style Preference

Are you looking for a modern transformation in your living space? Consider these green velvet sofas, which are up-to-date and available within budget. Sofas are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the interior that binds other elements of the house. so they must be durable and blend well with your existing wall color, flooring, and other wood decor.

Velvet fabric is a great choice for sofas as they give a luxurious touch to the place and are soft and delicate. Apart from this, velvet sofas are easy to clean and maintain compared to other fabrics. Sofas tend to make the living area or any other space look visually interesting. One of the most elegant and sophisticated sofas that have become trendy nowadays is the green velvet sofa.

The green velvet sofa blends well with all neutral colors and creates a statement. Besides this, the green color is timeless and classic for a sofa and will not be leaving the trend for several years.

Here are 13 green velvet sofas at every price point that can be used in any area along with the living space to steal the show.

1. Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia

Green velvet sofas come in various shades of green, ranging from light to dark colors. Choosing a green color for your velvet sofa is a great choice, as this shade is extremely neutral and adds character to the space. With the right background or material colors, the green velvet sofa can give the room a lush and rich style.

This Fabienne velvet sofa from Lulu & Georgia perfectly fits in your space, giving it a rustic touch. This green velvet sofa is available in two shades; dark green and moss. If you choose the dark green velvet sofa, make sure to have a light wall color so that the sofa is highlighted.

You can also pair the sofa with some white cushions and a rug for an aesthetic look. If the green velvet sofa is in a moss shade, background colors like beige or taupe work well.

You can pair this sofa with brass elements like lighting for an elegant view. Moreover, the decorative and curved legs of the green velvet sofa give it a classic vintage look.

2. Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern

Green velvet sofas can become the focal point of any room in the house, especially the living room. This unique color can be used and styled with many lighter or darker elements that will surely elevate your space. Apart from adding a luxurious touch, velvet sofas add comfort and coziness to the space.

This skinny fat sofa from Benchmade Modern is ideal for all spaces. The green velvet sofas come in various shades ranging from Jade green to Spruce green that will convert your place into a sleek and modern looking one. The green velvet sofa is versatile due to its multipurpose use. The low back and deep cushions make this sofa perfect for an open-living area concept.

If you are choosing the Jade color for a green velvet sofa, pair it with a darker wall color like brown or black so the sofa gets the spotlight. The darker shade of spruce in the green velvet sofa will look great in an open-living area concept, where it receives abundant natural light. Apart from this, the sofa legs are straight and give the entire piece of furniture a sleek look.

3. Maiden Home

Maiden Home

Green velvet sofas are naturally attractive and give character to the space. By pairing these sofas with accessories like cushions, wall color, and flooring, you can receive a whole new look to the space ranging from bohemian to luxurious touch. Green velvet sofas set your living area and home apart from the rest wooden decor.

This Sullivan sofa from Maiden Home is the perfect choice for even small spaces. The sloping arms of this green velvet sofa are a key feature, which looks unique and provides much room for the seat. The green velvet sofa comes in different shades like olive and emerald for all those who want to convert their space into an aesthetic one.

For those who admire neutral shades in their furniture, the olive shade is the perfect match for using in it a green velvet sofa. This earthy-shaded sofa blends well with colors like beige and white, and you can pair it with darker colors like forest green and brown for a rustic touch. If you want a rich look for your living space, choose the Emerald shade for a green velvet sofa. This shade brings a balance to the space and can be paired with a wide range of colors.

4. Sabai


Green velvet sofas are the perfect choice to add texture and life to the space. This eye-catching shade and fabric offer a fresh touch and coziness. The green color has blended well not only on walls and cabinets but also on velvet sofas. Ranging from light to dark, the green velvet sofa fits all kinds of interior styles.

This Essential sofa from Sabai offers maximum comfort and perfectly converts the space into a modern living one. This green velvet sofa comes in shades like moss green and seafoam green. While selecting a velvet sofa, you want it to last long and stay intact like new. The best part about these green velvet sofas is they are stain-resistant, comfortable, and durable.

If you want to give your space a unique touch, go for the moss-green velvet sofas. This yellowish-green shade in a velvet sofa converts the place into a live and energetic one. Apart from this, the green velvet sofa will give your living area a bright tropical feel. The seafoam green velvet sofa is the lightest shade of green. You can choose to be creative by complementing the green velvet sofa with black, white, darker green, and even peach accessories.

5. Burrow


The green velvet sofa is a great choice to include in your interiors. Not only does this shade have an earthy undertone, but it also has a welcoming and warm quality. These velvet sofas work well in neutral wall colors like white and even complement bold wall colors like black and brown. Apart from this, a green velvet sofa becomes the accent piece in the living room or any other space where it is placed due to its texture and fabric.

This Nomad sofa from Burrow is a perfect selection for small spaces and rooms. Not only is the green velvet sofa visually appealing, but it also has comfortable seating. This sofa comes in a Jade green color and easily blends with your current interior style. Jade is a cooler shade of green that blends well with gray and white as wall colors, throws, and pillows. Moreover, you can use black color in the backgrounds and accessories.

6. Interior Define

Interior Define

Green velvet sofas work well in different spaces, from studio apartments to open-living room concepts. It is not necessary to get a whole velvet sofa sectional; you can create an accent piece by placing a green velvet armchair, ottoman, or loveseat. Apart from this, a green velvet sofa can be placed in the corner or assembled as a two-seater or three-seater for space-saving and functionality.

This Marlow sofa from Interior Define is a perfect match for small spaces or creating an accent piece with other sofas. Those who admire green velvet sofas, they’ll get a variety of shades for the living area and other rooms that include sage green, spruce, celadon, Essex, and peacock.

If you are an admirer of a calm and inviting shade, the celadon green velvet sofa is made for you. You can pair it with accent pillows and accessories in white, brown, and tan. Apart from this, you can contrast the green velvet sofa with wood, brass, or steel elements.

7. Apt2B


The green velvet sofas come in different shades of light and dark colors, and incorporating them as furniture helps give the space a natural touch. It feels like the outdoors have been brought inside. Along with the color, the velvet texture adds sophistication to the room.

This Samson sofa from Apt2B is a classic green velvet sofa that fits perfectly in all spaces apart from the living area. The sturdy frame and squared design will never leave the trend. The green velvet sofa comes in a variety of shades that include evergreen velvet, green apple, kelly green velvet, and peacock velvet for all interior styles.

For those who want a vibrant and tropical touch to their green velvet sofa, the Kelly green shade is the right match. This lighter shade has a fine balance of warmth and glow that can easily steal the show as a green velvet sofa accent piece. You can go with shades like brown, gray, black, white, and other greens as complementary elements.

8. Albany Park

Albany Park

Green velvet sofas add character to any interior design due to their cool and bright shades. These sofas are accent pieces as standalone, but you can add accessories like throws, pillows, and rugs for an aesthetic look.

This Albany sofa from Albany Park is sleek and comfortable for the living area. The cozy cushions are the star of the show for the green velvet sofa. Apart from this, the sturdy, hardwood frame keeps the sofa intact for several years. The stainless steel legs can be kept as it is or stained with a golden or walnut shade for a visually appealing look.

These velvet sofas come in two broad categories of olive velvet and green velvet shade that easily blend in a modern interior. If you want a timeless green velvet sofa, the olive velvet is the perfect match for your living room. This shade blends well in all types of interiors, from vintage to contemporary. You can pair the olive green velvet sofa with accessories and materials in white, cream, mint, and black shades for a visually appealing look.

9. Article


Green velvet sofas can be used as an accent piece to grab the focal point in the living room. The neutral yet bright shade easily blends with other interior designs and gives an aesthetic appeal. With the different hardwood frames and sofa legs, you can give your space a whole new look from the range of vintage, classic, bohemian, and contemporary. Apart from this, the plush velvet fabric will make a bold and luxe statement.

This Sven sofa from Article is the right fit if you want a mid-century modern aesthetic look in your space. Moreover, this green velvet sofa offers quality, comfort, and functionality. The green velvet sofa comes in a grass-green shade, which is vibrant in natural light and easily blends with other interiors. This green velvet sofa works well with different colors, finishes, and wooden decor, and you can get a bohemian or rustic touch in your space.

10. AllModern


The green velvet sofa is a perfect piece of furniture to grab attention and sync other interior elements elegantly. Although the green velvet sofa comes in different shades, from light to dark, each shade creates a statement and stands out against neutral walls and floorings.

This Lark sofa from AllModern is a perfect choice for those who want a bohemian or a rustic touch to their living room. Apart from comfortable lounging, the velvet fabric offers a plush look to the space. The green velvet sofas come in a variety of shades that include emerald green, willow velvet, and forest velvet for all types of interiors.

If you like the lighter shade of green velvet sofa, the willow velvet is your perfect match. This earthy, neutral color in a green velvet sofa gives the space a natural and modern touch. You can pair it with shades like white, darker greens, and brown.

11. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

The green velvet sofa is a great choice as a centerpiece of the living room. It can be kept as a standalone and also be equipped with accessories like contrasting throw pillows and rugs for a visually appealing look.

This Chamberlin green velvet sofa from Urban Outfitters is a perfect mixture of modern furniture and a luxurious look. The sturdy frame and metal sofa legs are an eye-catching feature. The deep green velvet sofa shade offers comfortable lounging and a rustic touch to the place. You can pair it with lighter tones like white, beige, and gray for an aesthetic look. Wooden finishings and black accessories also work well with this green velvet sofa.

12. Anthropologie


Green velvet sofas can instantly elevate your space due to their eye-catching color and soft fabrics. These sofas are a long-term investment, as they are durable, and you’ll never get bored with the green shade. As this earthy color blends with all interior accents, and you can be creative with the green velvet sofa by adding layers of pillows and wooden decor.

This Petite Edyln sofa from Anthropologie is a classic green velvet sofa for all types of spaces, from small to large. This sofa comes in different shades that, include forest green, jade green, and emerald green. Apart from this, you can choose an elegant leg finish from brass, silver, and gold to grab attention.

13. Overstock


Green velvet sofas are capable of adding depth and visual interest to the space due to their vibrant shades. Not only does the plush velvet do wonders in a living area, but the minute geometric designs or lines, shapes, and configuration of the green velvet sofa also impart an elegant look.

This Safavieh sofa from Overstock is a perfect match for a contemporary living area and elevating your interior. The green velvet sofa comes in a hunter-green shade, which is dark, rich, and makes a bold statement.

The dark green velvet sofa and golden legs give the space a plush look, and the comfortable lounging cushions are the star of the show. You can choose to pair the green velvet sofa with shades like brown, gray, yellow, and rust colors for a visually appealing look.


Green velvet sofas add character and renew the look of the existing interior designs. With its clean lines and minimum decor, the green velvet sofas easily grab attention and elevate the space. You can transform the space with these sofas in any style ranging from antique, bohemian, and contemporary.

When you have shortlisted the green velvet sofa of your choice, it will easily blend with the finishes, wall colors, and floorings and will sustain for several years. It has become easy to get a green velvet sofa as it can be afforded by anyone in their living space due to their varied price point.

Not only does the green color and velvet fabric do wonders, but the green velvet sofa is also the star of the show due to the different types and shapes of armrests, sofa leg finishes, tufted seats, and sturdy frames.

Any one of these 13 green velvet sofas at every price point can be the perfect fit and elevation for your space.

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