Stunning Wooden Coffee Tables with Storage

21 Best Coffee Tables with Storage Spaces for Homes

Tired of cyber shopping for a nice wooden coffee table that also has a good storage option? We are here to help!

Coffee tables are an integral part of home decor and furniture. It is an added benefit if you have multipurpose pieces of furniture in your home. This is where coffee tables with ample storage space come into the picture!

Don’t go for coffee tables that can be used only to serve coffee. Instead, get a coffee table that shows off stunning looks while at the same time being used as a celestial storage medium!

A good amount of thought should be put into shopping for the perfect coffee table for the house. A lot of things should be considered while selecting a coffee table for your home, such as size, material, color, patterns, etc. We have prepared a list of the best wooden coffee tables suitable for all kinds of architecture and decor.

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Stunning Coffee Tables with Storage

Cluttering is a big vibe-killer in a house. What if we said coffee tables could encourage decluttering and organizing of things in the home? You heard it right. Rather than going for a coffee table that does just its expected job, buy a multifunctional one for your home. A coffee table that acts like a storage space is a huge benefit for any home.

You don’t have to witness remote and books carelessly lying over your sofa anymore. Store such essential items in the storage area provided by your coffee table instead. This will also cut down your time looking for your essential stuff elsewhere. Wooden coffee tables ensure longevity and sturdiness.

A bit of thought to match the look of your coffee table to the decor of your home can make all the difference in the world. Make your living room a perfect hangout place for your friends and family by adding just the perfect coffee table for the room.

Scroll down to explore some of the best coffee tables online that also are great storage mediums!

1. Drum Storage Coffee Table

Drum Storage Coffee Table

Spending your bucks on this coffee table will be completely worth it, considering its looks and productivity. The wooden top of this drum-shaped coffee table is not only a tabletop but also a lid with good storage space. Once you open this top, you can make use of the table as a storage space for anything that ranges from pillows to books.

The coffee table is carefully manufactured not to give away the fact that it is also a storage medium. The professional and neat finish makes it look perfect for your living room as a nice and stylish coffee table.

2. Ottoman Coffee Table

Ottoman Coffee Table

Don’t go with conventional coffee table ideas for your living room if your home exhibits modern decor. While exploring modern coffee table ideas, it is also recommended to consider buying a coffee table with storage space to maximize productivity. Ottoman coffee tables are one of the popular choices you can consider, and this particular one comes with additional storage space!

This coffee table is completely handmade by professionals and will definitely be a standout in your home. This multi-purpose coffee table can act as a table, a seat, a footstool, etc. The wooden lid can be conveniently removed to use the coffee table as a storage medium.

3. Scandi Design Wood Coffee Table with Storage

Scandi Design Wood Coffee Table with Storage

For those who have a large living room, this coffee table will be a perfect choice. The table sports a Scandinavian design and has a unique look. The table top functions as a space to set display items such as display plants and mini decor items, and it can be opened to reveal storage space.

The table can be used to store utensils, toys, books, laptops, etc., at your convenience. The table itself becomes a display piece of decor for your room and is made of MDF, engineered wood, and steel.

4. Farmhouse-Style Rectangular Coffee Table

Farmhouse-Style Rectangular Coffee Table

Farmhouse-style decor and furniture will never go out of fashion. If you are looking for a farmhouse-style coffee table for your house, check this one out! This stunning wooden coffee table with storage space is a perfect piece of furniture for your home with an industrial look.

Though the table looks antique, it blends seamlessly into a modern or country living space. The table comes with four wooden drawers that can be used to store various items, such as small utensils, a remote, books, etc.

Apart from this, you can also raise the top of the table a bit to make a good surface to place laptops on while working.

5. Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage Space

Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage Space

Are you someone who loves to add a touch of style and uniqueness to home decor? Then this coffee table with storage options might perfectly suit your taste! Unlike conventional coffee tables, this one has a double-lift top.

Nowadays, coffee tables with a lift-top have become a normal addition to the decor. But oftentimes, there are situations where multiple people fight over using this elevated space to work with their laptops.

This coffee table will be the perfect solution for such a couple. The table comes with two separate lift tops to facilitate working with laptops, and the space beneath can be used as a very good storage medium!

6. Coffee Table with Convertible Table Top

Coffee Table with Convertible Table Top

When it comes to coffee tables with storage, the ones with the best and neatest finishes are always preferred by most. Here is one such wooden coffee table with a ‘smart storage’ option. The transformative design of this coffee table allows you to place laptops on the lift-up lid, and the drawers can be pulled open to store a wide variety of things at your convenience.

Once the door is closed, the table looks like any other modern-day coffee table, with an ample amount of style and sleek design to show off!

7. Cappuccino Coffee Table with Storage

Cappuccino Coffee Table with Storage

A coffee table that blends seamlessly into your decor and works both as a display piece and a storage space! This espresso coffee table comes with a sleek and stylish look, perfect enough to go with modern architecture. The table comes with a stylish slide top that opens to a two-compartment storage area.

That’s not it! There are two drawers just beneath the storage compartment to provide you with additional storage space. A cappuccino finish with steel attachments for drawers brings a complete and neat finish to the table.

8. Mid-Century Popup Coffee Table

Mid-Century Popup Coffee Table

This coffee table will be a unique addition to the living room, for sure. The marble top part of the table is going to be an eye-catcher at first glance. This part of the table opens to reveal a storage space for things such as books, cups, etc. The other section of the table is basically a normal table top that helps you serve coffee and more until you lift it up.

This section will pop up so that you can slide more things inside the table and act as a hidden storage area. The table is made out of kiln-dried, sustainable wood with beveled edges and tapered legs.

9. Horizon Coffee Table

Horizon Coffee Table

The Horizon coffee table by Matthew Hilton is a true engineering masterpiece that can add style and class to your living room.

The table is made of solid wood with small slits on its sides. These slits provide ample airflow and light to the open storage space beneath the tabletop. Compared to other coffee tables with storage space, this one gives you some extra room to store things on it.

If you place great value on quality, you must consider buying this piece of furniture for your home.

10. Espresso Rectangle Coffee Table with Baskets

Espresso Rectangle Coffee Table with Baskets

The list of stylish and unique coffee tables with storage is never-ending, and here is an interesting addition to it. The Morris collection from Winsome Wood focuses on manufacturing stunning coffee tables with large storage spaces. As they have plenty of unique designs in their catalog, it is easy for you to choose the right one.

This coffee table comes with baskets that can be used as a unique storage medium. There will be three foldable baskets on the table made of corn husks to let you store things in them. The table is manufactured using composite wood and adds to the visual richness of the room.

11. Raffia Coffee Table with Storage

Raffia Coffee Table with Storage

If keeping the storage area of your coffee table hidden isn’t a mandatory requirement, then you should consider buying this contemporary Raffia coffee table.

The table sports a vintage cane and wood Danish style and looks more spacious than usual coffee tables. The open base facilitates storing books, papers, etc., at your convenience. The table has a square table top and is handmade furniture. With nothing complex to boast about, this can act as a simple yet productive addition to your furniture.

12. Her Majesty’s Lift-Top Coffee Table

Her Majesty's Lift-Top Coffee Table

The table is made of medium-density fiberboard and offers a subtle, elegant touch to your home with its presence. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, so picking the right color of coffee table that goes well with your existing decor won’t be a headache.

The sides of this coffee table are of a decorative nature, and the table top can be lifted up to reveal storage space. It is to be noted that you might need to assemble the table post-delivery as it doesn’t come in one piece.

13. Rolling Coffee Table with Storage

Rolling Coffee Table with Storage

Looking for a coffee table with easy mobility and storage? Here is the right choice for you: This coffee table from Sauder is basically a rolling chest. The inclusion of this table in your home will give your room a rustic and country look. Once you open the lid, you can use the space to store blankets, books, utensils, etc.

To move the table from one place to another, rollers are attached to it. The table also includes recycled materials, and it looks fit for any kind of decor, ranging from modern to farmhouse.

14. Antique Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage

Antique Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage

In one glance, this coffee table is going to bring all the rustic, vintage, and aged vibes to your room. Made out of solid pinewood, there are two antique-looking designer handles on the sides and one to lift the tab top up. Once the lid is open, you can store various items inside the coffee table.

If you are a farmhouse enthusiast, then this might be one of the coffee tables you should consider having. The distressed finish used in this table, using grey, brings out the best look. With promising quality and very little assembly required, this coffee table will be a great addition to your home.

15. Wedge Double-Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Wedge Double-Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Are you bored of rectangular coffee tables? Or are you fighting for the lift-top part of your coffee table? Solutions for both of these problems are here. This double lift-top cocktail table from Progressive Furniture has a unique shape and a modern look.

Made of ash wood, the table comes with dual lift tops on either side, making it a perfect spot for two people to work at a time by placing their laptops. As the table comes in a teardrop shape, it acts as a unique piece of attraction in the room.

16. Formal Storage Coffee Table

Formal Storage Coffee Table

Coffee tables made of solid wood add a different kind of vibe and originality to the room. Made out of solid oak wood, this table has a classic touch and ample storage space. With rounded corners and a protective covering, you don’t have to worry about children running around the place.

This table comes with an open shelf and two drawers to help you store utilities inside. The company promises you maximum longevity and durability, making it a very good piece of furniture to consider for your home.

17. Clintin Coffee Table with Storage

Clintin Coffee Table with Storage

The specialty of industrial, farmhouse-style furniture is that it blends perfectly with most kinds of architecture. This distressed coffee table with storage comes with a lift-top design.

You can use this lift-top surface as a workspace or as a surface to cook at your convenience. Just below the tabletop are the hidden drawers. These three drawers on the table can be used to store essential items such as books, papers, games, coffee mugs, etc.

The black metal frame fits perfectly with the distressed wood and is made of carefully selected materials to ensure quality. Protective pads are available along with the table, which can be attached to the bumps to prevent the table from making noise during movements.

18. Storage Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

Storage Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

What if you had a coffee table that looked like a storage trunk? This table is made of engineered wood and mimics a stylish yet old version of a storage trunk. No matter whether your home sports an urban look or that of a farmhouse, this piece of furniture will seamlessly fit in.

While other suggestions in this article look more like a coffee table first and a storage space second, it is the other way around here. The trunk that offers you great storage space also works really well as a unique and productive coffee table.

19. Coffee Table with Magazine Storage

Coffee Table with Magazine Storage

Are you looking for a coffee table that can be used exclusively for displaying and storing magazines? If so, check this product out! This retro-style coffee table sports a unique look and comes with a tempered glass top.

The main frame used for the table is in a z-shape, and the slanting portion of the table can be used to store and display magazines. Made out of solid rubberwood, this coffee table will bring an old-fashioned, classic touch to your living room!

20. Latayna Coffee Table with Storage

Latayna Coffee Table with Storage

While sitting on the sofa and yearning for a perfect place to keep your laptop and work, all you have to do is pull this table towards you. This coffee table comes with a lift-top feature that allows you to perfectly align the height for working. The open space beneath the surface of the table can be used to keep your laptops, books, etc.

The benefits of this table don’t end here. Below this open storage space are two drawers that can be used for storing more essentials. With a sturdy and durable structure, it is very easy to handle and maintain the table at your convenience.

21. Rustic Farmhouse Square Coffee Table with Storage

Rustic Farmhouse Square Coffee Table with Storage

Made out of the best available wood grains, this coffee table will add quite a bit of antiquity to your room. You can see that metal brackets are used on all the corners of the table to keep it intact and tight.

The storage cabinet under the surface panel of the coffee table can accommodate a 136-liter capacity.

The table is made of sturdy and durable materials, ensuring maximum quality, and the top surface of the table can withstand a weight of up to 60 lbs.


A coffee table is a necessary addition to your home furniture, especially when you have a living room with sofas and chairs. Not only do they fill up the space and add to the vibe of the room, but coffee tables are also considered a focal point for conversation starters.

They can be used to serve food, hold utensils, work, and even play games. There are a wide variety of coffee tables with multiple functionalities.

We believe this article on some of the best coffee tables with storage spaces has helped you get an idea of the varieties of coffee tables in the market. Make sure you pick a coffee table that is made of durable wood and quality metal parts for longevity.

A coffee table that blends perfectly with your home decor is suggested for a timeless touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Care for a Wooden Coffee Table?

It is suggested that you use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of your coffee table. Use a second, dry microfiber cloth to wipe the wetness off the surface later. Certain coffee tables require cotton cloths for cleaning to avoid damaging them.

Is a Coffee Table a Necessary Addition to a Home?

There are homes without a coffee table because they can’t accommodate one. However, if you have enough space and multiple people in your home, it is advised to have a coffee table. It adds to the home’s decor and acts as a social gathering spot.

How Much Weight Can a Coffee Table Hold?

The weight a coffee table can withstand is considerably higher. Only in exceptional cases, when the coffee table is made of glass, can it support up to 50 pounds. In general, a coffee table can withstand around 400 pounds.

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