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DIY Accent Paint Wall Ideas to Transform Your Room

Accent walls are the statement focal point that will make your room pop. But how to choose an accent wall presents a big challenge. You can use an accent wall to showcase an interesting element of your room and create a visual interest in the space.

Painting your wall in a stand-out color and calling it an accent wall is now passe. There are plenty of DIY options to get creative with your accent wall and give your space a new lease of life. Paint is one of the least expensive ways to achieve a stunning look, and you can unleash your creativity to achieve spectacular results.

If you are still looking for ideas on how to transform your space and add an accent wall, then read on and get inspired.

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is a single wall in the room that has a different color or pattern, which makes it the focal point of the entire room. You can use multiple materials to achieve this effect, but the most effective and inexpensive way to achieve this result is by using paint.

Why Do You Need an Accent Wall?

Blue textured accent wall designs with a yellow sofa chair - Bea

One of the many reasons to have an accent wall is to make the space look interesting and give it a new dimension. The purpose of an accent wall is to bring attention to a part of a room that might have some focal points you would want to draw attention to. These could be architectural focal points, furniture focal points, or functional focal points. Having an accent wall adds a flair to the entire decor and helps bring disparate elements together in a cohesive mix.

It also helps to note that trends fade with time, and if there is only one wall which is the focal wall, then it is easier to revamp than do the entire house altogether.

Deciding the Wall

To decide which wall is ideal for an accent wall, pay attention to the focal points in the room. This will ideally be the first wall that people look at when they enter a room. You can choose to highlight an existing architectural feature like a fireplace or a stairway. Windows on a dark accent wall create a bright illuminating effect that can drown out the entire room.

1. Solid Accent Wall Paint Ideas

Having a solid-colored accent wall is one of the easiest DIY you can do and also the cheapest. Having one color which is in contrast to the rest of the walls is the easiest way to draw attention to the focal feature of the room. Going bold is one of the ways to add drama and also keep the space interesting quickly.

You can easily DIY this, and all you need is some paint and painting supplies, and you can easily do this yourself.



Black, white, and grey is such a classic combination when it comes to making your accent wall. The natural muted tones of this room are offset by the grey accent wall, which is complemented by the grey furniture. The natural tones of wood and off-white furnishings complete the classic look of this room.



Yellow is one happy color, and many of its shades look stunning on accent walls. This sunshine color can be integrated into any room and fits many modern decor styles. Paired with grey and black, this is a classic combination for creating a stunning accent wall.



Navy is a popular choice for home interiors since it is immediately sophisticated and is one of the most relaxing colors. It is a great choice for bedrooms and dining. It pairs well with many other muted shades and is also a great option for adding complementary furniture to the room.



Pink is often an overlooked color but can be stunning when used correctly in certain rooms. Bedrooms especially can easily have a pink accent wall, and when paired with gray, it is one of the most sophisticated color combinations.

Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones

Bring an earthy look to your room by doing up an accent wall in colors like blue, soft browns, and sandstone. You can add furnishings and decor in muted tones and wood furniture, which will bring together the entire look. It’s not always necessary to go bold with accent walls. You can get stunning results with muted tones too.

2. Stencil Accent Walls

Stencil Accent Walls

You can create a dramatic focal wall by easily stenciling a wall with a creative pattern. This is an easy DIY and can be done easily. Some of the materials which are required for this are Stencil, Brush, painter’ tape, and paint. The steps involved in stenciling an accent wall are given below.

  • The first step is to choose the focal wall where the stenciling will take place. This wall has to be painted with the base color if not already painted.
  • Most of the repeating patterns need to be spaced out, and hence you will need to mark the starting point by placing the stencil and securing it with tape.
  • Paint over the placed stencil using a stippling method which is to dab the open areas of the stencil. Using paint and painting on the stencil will lead to paint drips which will end up looking ungainly.
  • Repeat the entire process by removing the stencil and placing it as per the correct spacing, and securing it. Repeat the painting process and continue till the entire wall is done.

3. Murals Accent wall

Murals Accent wall

Hand painting is a charm, and though it is time-consuming and also requires a certain level of skill, it can be quite satisfying. You can easily choose designs that appeal to you and also those that match your skill level. Some of the easy DIY ideas for hand-painted mural designs are terrazzo designs, nature-inspired designs, and abstract designs. These need very little expertise but can look stunning.

If painting is hardly your comfort zone, then you don’t have to worry. You can simply use a black marker to freehand a wall mural which will look original and fresh.

This is a great option for a kid’s bedroom, and your children can also be a part of the entire project. Choose themes that resonate with the interest of the child and get painting.

4. Hand-Painted Design Accent Walls

Hand-Painted Design Accent Walls

Hand-painted accent walls are both easy to replicate, and the options are endless. They are also completely in trend and so easy to DIY. All you need is Painters tape, measuring tape, paint, brushes, colored pencils, and a magic eraser.

Choose designs that are easy and in repeating patterns so that it is easy on you. Some of the steps in doing this as a DIY is

  • Decide on the pattern- Draw your pattern either on paper or on design software to see how it will replicate.
  • Mark the design on the wall using colored pencils or crayons
  • Next, go in with the paintbrush and use your strokes to complete the design.
  • Make sure that you practice your strokes beforehand to minimize errors.

Designing an Accent Wall

Designing an Accent Wall

Accent walls add a fun element to your space, though there are some pointers to be kept in mind when designing your accent wall.

  • Make sure that the chosen color of the accent wall is present in some elements of the decor to make the look cohesive. For example, if using a grey accent color, then it would be best to have grey furniture with elements of grey to balance the entire look.
  • An accent wall is a technique to showcase the best and most focal points of your room. Make sure to keep it simple so that there aren’t too many focal points in the room which could effectively drown out the look.
  • It’s great to follow trends, but you will also have to make sure that the trend matches your overall decor and style. It also has to match the aesthetics of the space and not look disjointed.

Final Thoughts

Adding an accent wall is an easy way to bring your aesthetics and style into your home. It is a simple and cost-effective way to style your room, and what’s more, you can probably achieve your end result in about a few days’ time. DIY accent walls bring your personal touch and can become the talking point of your room.

So play around with paints, textures, and shapes in contrast colors or complementary colors, which will truly elevate your space. We have put together a list of some easy DIY ideas, and we hope you found them inspiring to pick up that brush and redo a wall.

Let us know in the comments if you do try any and how it worked for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have Multiple Accent Walls?

The idea of an accent wall is to create one focal point. Having too many accent walls would defeat the entire purpose. That being said, having two accent walls as an adjoining corner would create an interesting look, while having two accent walls on opposite walls would just make the space look cramped and narrow.

Is it Easy to Paint an Accent Wall?

This is an easy DIY project which can be finished very quickly. It requires very little technical expertise and much less in terms of material. The hardest part of this DIY is choosing the right colors and the look you are going for. Rest is easy and something you can accomplish easily.

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