Beautiful Black Siding House Designs to Elevate Your home

15+ Black House Siding Ideas to Add a Touch of Elegance

Are you willing to make the exterior of your house more attractive and appealing?

Then, a black house siding will do the job for you. This trending and powerful color highlights the shapes, lines, and every corner of your home. Siding is a protective material on the house’s exterior that protects the walls. Extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, cold, and sun will not be able to harm the walls in the presence of a siding.

An appropriate siding enhances the beauty of your home and protects the walls. While selecting a siding, many questions might come to your mind. What material to use, and which shade looks the best?

This article explores 15+ Black siding design ideas that enhance the beauty of your home. Read ahead and observe how the magic of black shade beautifies every house.

1. Black Cabin in the Woods

Black Cabin in the Woods

The mesmerizing black cabin in the wood is a sturdy design with black house siding. This structure uses cross-laminated timber panels. They are engineered wood made with different wood slices, layered at right angles, and glued. The delicate glass window on one side of the home integrates the inner and outer worlds.

This well-structured and cozy home, which resembles a small cabin, is perfect for solitude and peace. The roof creatively uses naturally grown greenery to cover itself. Not only does it use green shade, but it also brings a natural element in designing the exterior. The combination of black and green brings together a dramatic and creative look.

2. A Classic Black Home with Composite Siding

A Classic Black Home with Composite Siding

This beautiful black house uses composite siding in the exterior to keep the walls safe. As per the traditional method, it comprises fibrous wood pieces and is further bonded with additional materials. Currently, composite siding also uses cement as the base material to strengthen the structure. This black house siding uses a composite of multiple materials.

With this kind of siding, you can expect freedom from rot, fungus, warping pests, and extreme weather. The expected lifespan of such siding is 20-30 years. Moreover, the composite materials are not susceptible to fire damage and will protect your house in unexpected circumstances.

3. The Beauty of Wood Siding

The Beauty of Wood Siding

This beautiful wood siding in black and brown brings out the beauty of the whole structure. For black house siding, there are many woods available. They include cedar, cypress, engineered wood, redwood, spruce, fir, pine, shiplap, firewood, and much more. Every wood has its characteristics and suits a specific environment. However, having wood siding is the most durable option.

If you are a sustainability practitioner, wood siding is the best choice. This biodegradable material does not create as much waste as other materials do. It also does not emit pollutants during its production process. Wood is naturally tough and can stand for years when merged with stain and paint.

4. A Farm House with Black Siding

A Farm House with Black Siding

Give your farmhouse a bold look with powerful black siding. The combination of brown, black, and silver gives it a modern and farmhouse look. This house uses a board and batten siding that enhances the geometrical beauty of the exterior. This style is popular for modern farmhouse designs.

The beautiful railing roof in the front yard allows you to enjoy the raindrops sitting in the green chair. Various plants with different sizes on the border bring a creative feel to the black siding. This contemporary design uses the same rectangle shapes in every exterior shade.

5. Metal Siding

Metal Siding

Metal siding is also known as wall cladding. It is made from aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc. Such exterior appeals to many architects due to its shine and durability. Moreover, metal siding is comparatively easier to install. Once installed, metal siding needs the least maintenance and can withstand fire and extreme weather.

The above home design uses metal siding and creates brown and black exteriors. The well-built structure stands out amidst the rough stone texture of the surroundings. Transparent windows with black borders complement the black metal siding on the top. The shiny and polished look of metal siding becomes the curb appeal of the whole structure.

6. Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

This beautiful rectangle-shaped structure uses fiber cement siding to protect the exteriors. Such siding uses sand, cement, and cellulose fiber. The lifespan of a fiber cement siding is up to 50 years. It can also be repainted in between to enhance the curb appeal. The thickness of a fiber cement siding can be anywhere between 4.5-18mm.

This house structurally uses fiber cement siding in the shapes of squares and rectangles to cover the exteriors. Placing these shapes in a specific pattern enhances the beauty of the house. As a unique way of building, this house stands on multiple small supporting pillars of black shade.

7. House with a Cedar Shakes Siding

House with a Cedar Shakes Siding

If you want black house siding with a rustic feel, the best option is to go for cedar shakes. They are hand-split from cedar logs and have an irregular and rugged appearance. It is one of the most aesthetically beautiful siding options in houses. This low-density wood has an open-cell structure that makes it a terrific insulator. Less heat transports through the wood. It keeps the inner and outer atmosphere intact and independent of each other.

The amazing black and white structure uses cedar shake siding on the exterior. It uses multiple shades of grey and black to create a design on the walls. Well-placed large windows with thick white borders make the whole exterior look pleasant.

8. Contemporary Black Siding House

Contemporary Black Siding House

This majestic villa with black siding in a striped pattern and a roof stands beautifully amidst the mountains. The 21st-century architecture merges the shades of black, brown, and grey in a beautiful home. A black siding adds a sleek and modern appearance to the space. The visual impact enhances due to the contrasting shades of black and brown.

The transparent windows and an open balcony featured in the design make the home more open and welcoming. The delicate black lines in the top entrance connected to the roof add grace to this sturdy structure. The overall black brings a dramatic feel, but the brown and green in the surroundings welcome that chaos well.

9. Board and Batten

Board and Batten

This type of siding uses thin strips of wood molding called battens on panel boards. Due to the use of materials and its pattern, this siding is known as ‘board and batten.’ It results in an aesthetically appealing look that is rustic and chic. The geometrically designed siding enhances your space visually.

The above house uses board and batten siding to show the clean lines and dark shade of black on the walls. The aligned windows perfectly merge with the siding due to its shape. Board and batten panels have a thickness of ⅛ inch to enhance the strength and durability of the structure.

10. Mid-Century House with Black Siding

Mid-Century House with Black Siding

The Mid-Centruy house with black siding has a simple yet elegant structure. It has a wide structure, a low footprint, large windows, and a huge outdoor space. The minimalist look with some geometrical shapes and patterns perfectly describes a mid-century house. The juxtaposed shape with sleek lines is visible in many exteriors. They always grab your attention as you pass through the house.

The structure’s white stairs and yellow door contrast the black exterior. It brings them to the attention of every visitor and makes it easier to find the entrance. Different shades of green in the surroundings also add to the creativity of this design.

11. A Black Exterior for a Lavish Space

A Black Exterior for a Lavish Space

This luxurious villa uses a black exterior in different forms to make the design more attractive. One corner of the house uses bricks to create black house siding. The borders between the two bricks are visible from a distance. It gives the structure a clean and sophisticated look. The large transparent windows allow the members to connect with nature from the comfort of their homes.

The other part of the building uses metal sidings in a structural form that has larger shapes than bricks. Instead of intricate small bricks, this side has huge squares and rectangles. The personal pool is placed near the home in a way that the family members can easily connect despite the distance.

12. Concrete Black and Grey House

Concrete Black and Grey House

The concrete exterior might bring a lightness to the shade of black but enhances the strength of the structure. This house with concrete siding in the shade of black and grey is a simple and sophisticated design. Along with being low-maintenance, such walls hold their shapes and integrity for years. The exterior is so strong that it can resist the harshest weather conditions, including a tornado, heavy rains, or snow.

Building such structures can save you from loss in an area prone to natural disasters that can damage your home. In comparison to wood, concrete can withstand more adverse situations. A concrete wall uses semi-rigid material to protect your home.

13. Factory Made Siding

Factory Made Siding

Factory-made sidings are manufactured with the help of equipment in a business unit. It consists of wood or fibers bonded with resin under heat and pressure. This siding is made from leftover wood to form a new structure. The process through which it goes through makes the new material more resistant to rot and insect activity.

As the creation of this black house siding occurs in a unit, it is known by the name factory-made siding or engineered wood. The above house with factory-made siding uses black and brown. The surrounding greenery and light grey entrance make the whole design calmer. These kinds of sidings are indeed an effective way of putting small pieces of wood to the best use.

14. Traditional Black Brick House

Traditional Black Brick House

The black house sidings in this house use bricks from top to bottom. The fine lines on the border of the bricks shine brightly from a distance on this exterior. The uneven shape of the exterior gives it an artistic and asymmetrical look. However, the broad and narrow windows in different corners reflect creativity.

The bricks are made from clay and shale, giving the home a uniform look. The nature of such a material is to complement every exterior design of the house. Along with being an attractive material, bricks are durable. Living in a brick structure can remind you of the olden days and its architecture. The interior of this house uses a shade of brown to contrast the exterior of black.

15. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

This house uses vinyl siding to decorate the exterior and provide safety from unexpected weather. The black house siding from vinyl is made from PVC. It is the most cost-effective and long-lasting option when it comes to siding. It remains intact with minimum upkeep. It can be said that vinyl siding is maintenance-free, saving a lot of money in follow-ups.

If you wish to maintain it for a longer time, it is advisable to keep a check on the material and colors. The normal timespan of Vinyl siding is around 60 years. However, after 25-30 years, you must check the siding once for any brittleness in the structure.

16. Modern Home Design with Black Exterior

Modern Home Design with Black Exterior

This luxurious modern home has black house siding that gives it a powerful look from the outside. Even the glass windows have a shade of black to complement the background. The light-shaded curtains contrast the dark hue and hold a calming vibe on the interior. The majestic beauty of black reflects in the water of the pool.

The house is protected with siding in this space, surrounded by nature. Despite being a modern and graceful structure, it does not lack the strength to withhold any adverse situations.

17. Transitional Homes with a Hue of Black

Transitional Homes with a Hue of Black

A transitional style in home design refers to a mixture of traditional and modern styles. Such themes balance luxury with comfort and antiques with modern decor. The transitional design in the above picture uses black house siding and a rustic brick look to make the house visually attractive.

The beautiful placement of lights enhances the entrance and gives us a glimpse into the interior. The wide glass windows are an element of the modern design that allows the free flow of air and sunlight.

Black House Siding Can Beautify Every Home Design!

The dramatic and attractive shade of black can make any home design stand out. The question is, how to implement the black house siding in your structure? It is crucial to take note that your current theme does not lose its essence due to the presence of a black exterior.

The above options provide you with multiple ideas on how to add black siding to your home. Use materials that are suitable for the atmosphere in which your house is built. Take the help of an architect in deciding the material and design.

Let the beauty of black play its magic on your house!

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