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Top 29 Curtains for Small Bathroom Window Ideas

If you are looking to revamp your bathroom with just minimal effort and planning to add a sense of style and functionality, you are at the right place. Whether you are a design enthusiast looking for ideas to decorate your client’s house or a homemaker who wants to renovate your bathroom, the best way to add a new vibe to it is by implementing shower curtains.

Shower curtains, also known as Bathroom curtains, are gaining popularity among modern households in current times. The bathroom windows are usually designed to allow ventilation and light in the bathroom. You take hot showers in your bathroom, and there’s loads of steam generated, which needs an outlet. In such cases, you need to open the windows, but at the risk of your privacy. T

hat is where the shower curtain plays a role. It maintains your privacy, along with allowing the air to flow and light to pass. Also, let’s not forget their role in your bathroom’s aesthetics.

More About Curtains for Small Bathroom Window

Some people believe that as long as the curtain is functional for a bathroom window or shower cabin, it’s enough. Although some of you also believe that the curtains for small bathroom windows must be able to enhance their beauty and make you feel comfortable in the place. If you are the second type, you must find a refreshing curtain for your bathroom that will give a dramatic effect and yet make you feel warm inside.

Apart from the looks of the curtain, there are other factors that play a part in choosing curtains for small bathroom windows that, include- the material of the cloth, design, size, and others. They help you to maximize the function of the windows.

This article represents 29 exciting ideas to implement curtains for small bathroom windows.

1. Striped Curtain

Striped Curtain

Striped curtains are an immensely popular and safe idea for your curtains for small bathroom windows. They never get old and uncool when it comes to decorating your bathroom. They look classic and warm in your bathroom setting if you have a classic-style bathroom and want it to have a modern look.

You can also try to keep it coordinated with the floor and sink design to make it look like a well-curated bathroom. The best way to make them shine bright and stand out is to use neutral colors of curtains, pair them with a bright and dramatic color like purple, teal, or pink, and make the best out of the combination.

2. Waterproof Curtains

Waterproof Curtains

You can implement waterproof curtains made up of vinyl. They are the most convenient option as a bathroom is a place that has no limitation with the use of water, whether it is for brushing, bathing, or washing anything. Hence, using a waterproof curtain is a safer option to offer. These curtains for the small bathroom window can dry quickly after getting wet.

Apart from being dry, they keep your windows clean from splashes of water, soap, and other materials. They are available in different colors and designs that can make your place look elegant and well-designed, along with protecting the windows.

3. Long Curtains for Small Windows

Long Curtains for Small Windows

Even if your windows are small in size and need a small piece to cover them, you can use a larger curtain to enhance their beauty. A curtain that goes onto the floor is a way to make your bathroom look luxurious and classy. They help to make your place look larger than it already is.

The long window is a great choice if you have a jacuzzi in your bathroom and want to relax in your bath while enjoying the view from your window. It helps you to grab the sunlight and view from the window and yet maintain privacy.

4. Bamboo Curtain

Bamboo Curtain

Bamboo curtains are pull-up curtains for small bathroom windows. Based on the style and color of your bathroom, bamboo curtains add a hint of warmth and rawness and make it feel natural. You can pull it up or down as per your requirements. They cover the window and yet leave space for air and light to pass inside.

It adds great vibrance and shine to the bathroom if you have the walls and other materials in neutral colors or pastel shades of blue, green, or yellow. You can also create a beach-themed bathroom with this.

5. Tuscan Style Curtains

Tuscan Style Curtains

You can use a holder to hang the curtain that will give it a vintage look. It makes the window look like a work of art, giving good space for air and sunlight to flow. Also, the windows are thick, and they help you maintain privacy. It gives a cool and minimalistic vibe to the bathroom.

6. Pull-Up Curtain

Pull-Up Curtain

A pull-up curtain is a great way to cover your small bathroom windows, as it does the job of being classy and minimal at the same time. If your bathroom has multiple windows, these types of curtains are a great choice.

It brings a tone of vibrance and elegance to your bathroom without consuming much space. Also, they are easy to operate and clean. Using contrasting colors and designs in the pull-out curtains helps in adding beauty to your bathroom.

7. Curtains with Hooks

Curtains with Hooks

If you have a huge bathroom in your house, this is a perfect way to make it look classy and romantic. Add curtains with hooks, and they will help you to change the mood of the place as you want. They look classy and elegant as light passes by them through the window. They can be made of sheer fabrics that go well with the color theme of your bathroom.

It makes your setup look vintage and romantic. They require a high investment but are worth it. Bright pastel colors can make your bathroom shine bright and look interesting.

8. Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a great choice if you want to keep it simple and elegant. If your bathroom has wooden furnishing, this is a great way to keep it soft and let the wood shine. Along with offering the required amount of privacy, they let the light and air softly enter the bathroom by letting you have privacy and yet ventilation in the place.

These types of linen are quick drying and light in weight. They are easily washable even if they get exposed to water, soap, and dirt. They help to keep your bathroom intimate and cozy. In the winter, it will act as an insulator and help your bathroom stay warm.

9. Cafe-Style Bathroom Curtains

Cafe-Style Bathroom Curtains

The cafe-style curtains for small bathroom window are small in size and fit perfectly to the size of the window. They usually complement well with the bathroom walls, furniture, and vibe. The bathroom is designed to go well with the room decor and make the guest feel cozy in the place.

They are usually made up of pastel colors and floral designs to keep them light and elegant. They aim to provide complete privacy to the user, along with letting light and air flow well in the place. It makes the bathroom feel brighter and more welcoming to anyone. They are usually available in minimalistic designs and decor ideas.

10. Layering Sheer Curtains

Popular Nicetown Double-Layer Voile Curtain Panels Romantic Window for Double Layer Sheer White Single Curtain Panels

Placing curtains in the bathroom is a tricky part as you have to find a middle ground between light and privacy. Both of them are important and mandatory in your bathroom. , So you can layer the sheer curtains with darker and thicker curtains to adjust them just as required.

The light and completely sheer ones offer a great flow of light in the bathroom, whereas the dark ones ensure privacy. They give a look and feel of classiness and luxury in your bathroom. So if you are ready to invest in your bathroom curtains, this is a great idea for you.

11. Floral Curtain

Floral Curtain

Floral curtains are a great way to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. These usually come in bright colors that add a hint of drama and elegance to your room. These work best with wooden furniture and neutral wall colors in your bathroom. They pop out and bring drastic change to the bathroom, making it feel warm and look beautiful to everyone.

Apart from that, they are not completely sheer and hence ensure better privacy than sheer curtains. If your bathroom is simple and you are looking to upgrade it with minimal style, this is the way to do it at a low cost and effort.

12. Nautical Curtains

Nautical Curtains

If you want to create a themed bathroom for yourself or in your guest bedroom, here’s an idea to do it. Nothing is better than beach or coastal-themed bathroom decor that gives warm and friendliest vibes in the bathroom.

Nautical curtains are usually made up of a combination of white and blue colors. They have designs of sea, sky, boats, ropes, sea shells, and compasses. They look adorable and interesting in your bathroom. You can complement these curtains with bath mats, towels, and shower curtains resembling similar designs and colors. It creates unique decor in your bathroom, along with maintaining the privacy of the user.

13. Beaded Curtains

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains for small bathroom window give a unique touch to your bathroom, making it look elegant and well-thought-out. They do not cater much for privacy but are a great addition to your bathroom decor. They contain strings of beads that are hanging from a rod. Whenever light passes through them, they create a great effect and look stunning.

You can hang these curtains in layers with the sheer curtains so that they offer privacy and good looks altogether. They bring a great sense of style and sophistication to your bathroom. You can choose different types of beads in any colors and designs for your curtains for small bathroom windows.

14. Geometric Curtains

Geometric Curtains

Geometric curtains are a great choice for people who love to see clean lines, shapes, and modern aesthetics. They are simple and add beauty and drama to your bathroom space. They are available in prints of various shapes like triangles, circles, squares, hexagons, and others. They come in eye-catching designs and colors.

They create a sense of harmony and balance in your bathroom and make you feel relaxed. They are a great choice for simple and elegant curtains for small bathroom windows. The structured look in your bathroom will help you to create a sense of precision and order in the place.

15. Embroidery Curtains

Embroidery Curtains

Embroidered curtains for small bathroom window are a great way to enhance the craftsmanship vibe in your bathroom. They enhance the beauty and add a sense of elegance to your bathroom. They come in decorative designs and are made by hand or machine stitched.

These types of curtains allow you to create personalized monograms or specific shapes and patterns. They are a great way to add beauty and layers to your curtains.

16. Polka Dot Curtains

Polka Dot Curtains

Polka dot curtains for small bathroom window give a playful touch to your bathroom decor. It gives a sense of cheerfulness and creates a vibrant focal point in your bathroom.

You can use bold and bright ones or subtle dots. They do enough to suit your style. You can use colors that complement your bathroom design and play a part in your bathroom decor.

17. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds give the appearance of wooden blinds but without the disadvantages of using wood. They keep away from moisture degradation and are easy to clean.

These blinds are resistant to water and can be cleaned regularly. They appear great in any type of setting and add a raw and natural look to the windows.

18. Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

If the window in your bathroom does not guarantee privacy, you can use the blackout curtains to completely cut the sunlight or any other interruption from the outside.

They can be pulled away at times when the bathroom is not in use. Other times, they can completely block the sunlight and air. They are greatly beneficial if your bathroom window is on the ground floor with easy access to people. It ensures privacy and allows ventilation whenever you want.

19. Modern Curtains

Modern Curtains

If you want to keep it simple, low in investment, and classy, modern curtains are the best choice for your small bathroom windows. They give a sleek and minimalistic look to the bathroom with their clean lines and neutral colors.

They give a contemporary feel to the place and dramatically enhance its beauty. These types of curtains are gaining popularity among youngsters who give huge importance to aesthetics in their homes. They do the required job and make your place look stylish and warm.

20. Chevron Curtains

Chevron Curtains

Chevron curtains for small bathroom windows make a bold graphic statement in your bathroom. The sharp lines of these curtains give a striking modern look to the bathroom. They feature the well-known zigzag pattern that gives a sense of dynamic element and contemporary features to your bathroom window.

They are available in a wide range of colors, and you can choose the one that contrasts well with your bathroom walls. If you want a minimalistic look on the curtains, you can use monochromatic colors that make a subtle yet bold statement.

21. Moroccan Curtains

Moroccan Curtains

Moroccan curtains give a hint of richness and culture to your small bathroom window. It consists of intricate designs and takes inspiration from Moroccan architecture. They make your bathroom window look luxurious and stunning. They come in rich and vibrant colors that evoke warmth and coziness among the people who use the bathroom.

They are made up of rich fabrics like velvet, silk, and heavy brocade. If you want to enhance your bathroom decor with stylish and elegant-looking window curtains, this is the one for you. They come in interlocking shapes and quatrefoils, creating a sense of mystery in the bathroom.

22. Lace Curtains

Lace Curtains

Lace curtains for small bathroom window bring a hint of delicacy and vintage to the bathroom. It charms your bathroom decor with elegance and stylishness. It is known for its intricate designs that add beauty and classiness to your bathroom. They provide an amazing shade of light, along with offering much-needed privacy in the bathroom.

The lace curtains come in different patterns, such as geometric designs and floral designs, and some of them are available in lace edging details. It adds sophistication and richness to your bathroom. They are usually installed in white and other neutral colors that elevate their beauty.

23. Ruffled Curtains

Ruffled Curtains

Ruffled curtains for small bathroom window give a charming and romantic touch to the bathroom. They are available in various styles and designs. Different sizes and types of ruffles are used for the curtains, and you can choose the frill curtains that are best suited for your window.

If you want to give a feminine look to your bathroom, this is a great option. It makes the bathroom look classy and elegant at the same time because of its layers. They create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in the bathroom. You can choose the shade that compliments your bathroom style and wall colors.

24. Gingham Curtains

Gingham Curtains

Gingham curtains give a timeless feel to your bathroom decor. They give a vibe of sophistication and richness to the place. The small even sized squares in alternating shades create a sense of organization in the bathroom. They come in different color combinations that are contrasting.

You must choose the one that goes the best with your bathroom windows and decor. These kinds of patterns are usually associated with farmhouse decor. However, they also work well in other types of aesthetics.

25. Waffle Weave Curtains

Waffle Weave Curtains

Waffle weave curtains for small bathroom windows give a distinctive waffle-like pattern. They give a honeycomb vibe and go well with both modern and traditional room aesthetics. They do not overpower the bathroom and create space for walls and other accessories to shine in the room.

These types of curtains have great moisture-absorbing capacity; hence they go well with bathrooms that have high humidity levels. They have a semi-sheer quality that ensures privacy in the bathroom. They usually look great in neutral and earthy colors, making a perfect choice for minimalistic designs.

26. Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Roman shades are gaining immense popularity due to their streamlined designs and sophisticated looks. They are easy to fold up and can be raised to the maximum for natural light to reach you.

They give a classy and elegant look to your bathroom. Some of them come with blackout lining for the most effective light-blocking and privacy. They add a sense of richness and culture to your bathroom.

27. Dual Curtains

Dual Curtains

In traditional bathrooms, they have dual curtain models. This setup helps the user to filter out the sunlight as they want easily. One of them is sheer, and the other one is darker, and they are layered.

They require a high investment but are completely worth it if you want to give your bathroom a royal and elegant vibe. Unleash the creative vibe in your bathroom with this theme.

28. Half Curtain

Half Curtain

If you have a long window, you can cover only half part of it, which is easily accessible to your neighbors and other passers-by. The upper half is the part that most people won’t be able to reach.

Hence, you can leave that part without a curtain and let the constant light and airflow through it. They look great and allow immense ventilation in the bathroom.

29. Ombre Curtains

Ombre Curtains

Ombre curtains for small bathroom windows give a gradual blend of colors from light to dark and create a classy and beautiful gradient. They create a great eye-catching effect in your bathroom and make it look classy and elegant.

The most popular choices include colors complementing the shades of white and beige. Contrasting color shades with the gradual transition to the lighter shade allows the light to enter the bathroom in different gradients. It makes the user feel warm and cozy.


As you can see, there are multiple options available in curtains for small bathroom windows. Based on the type of decor you want in your bathroom, and the size of your bathroom window, you can choose the best-suited one among these. It is available in various types and materials to enhance the beauty of your place and ensure privacy through the window.

Ventilation, being an important part of the bathroom, is also covered with the bathroom window curtains.

Take these ideas and go creative with your bathroom decor ideas. Tell us about your choice of bathroom window curtains in the comments below.

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