Modern Mansions That Redefine Luxury Living

21 Plus Luxurious Modern Mansion to Explore for Lavish Life Style

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘modern mansions’ or ‘luxurious living’?

Simply a large structure or multiple rooms with lots of amenities? What if we tell you that there are outstanding structures around the world that redefine luxury and majestic living experiences? Lavish designs have evolved with changing times and embraced multiple new aspects. If you are willing to build a luxurious space for your family, knowing the latest design of majestic homes is crucial.

This article shares the 25 most luxurious structures in the world to help you expand your horizon of thinking. Read ahead to explore how every country defines luxury and how you can take inspiration from it.

The list of the 25 best luxurious homes from all over the world is as follows.

1. The One – California

The One - California

‘The One’ is a splendid modern mansion in Bel-Air, California. Along with the luxurious amenities, it offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area due to its location. The enormous structure has 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, seven half-bathrooms, three bedroom guest house, six elevators, a library, a cigar room, a confectionary room, 30 car garage, a bowling alley, and much more.

‘The One’ is owned by Richard Saghian, owner of Fashion Nova. The 105,000 square feet mansion took over ten years to build. It is the brainchild of Nile Niami, a real estate developer. This glass and marble creation is a luxurious abode to live in.

2. Antilia – Mumbai

Antilia - Mumbai

The residence of Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani, is named after an island from 15th-century Spanish tales of the Atlantic Ocean, Antilia. It is located on Altamount Road in south Mumbai. This marvelous 27-storey building took only two years to complete the construction process (2008-2010). The second most expensive house in the world has a health spa, three swimming pools, 168 cars, yoga/dance studios, a grand entrance, entertainment space, 6-floor car parking, three helipads, and much more.

It also has rare materials like crystals, marble, and mother or pearl. They also have a room that blasts our artificial snowflakes to beat the outside heat.

3. Manta-Ray Modern Mansion – Arizona

Manta-Ray Modern Mansion - Arizona

The two-storey building sitting on the Mummy Mountain costs $30-milion. The grand structure captures the beauty of the surroundings and gives breathtaking views of the McDowell Mountains, Camelback Mountains, and Downtown Phoenix. The entrance of this modern mansion has a hall and a ten-car garage on the upper street level. The entry hall further leads to two wings in the north and south direction.

The structure has two guest bedrooms, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and wraparound decks on the sides. Natural light shines through the glass curtains bringing in sunlight. The overall structure from the top resembles a manta ray swimming on top of the mountains.

4. Harrow House – Johannesburg

Harrow House - Johannesburg

Harrow House is a modern mansion with contemporary architecture. This villa is located in Sandhurst, Gauteng, South Africa, on a vast land of 19,500 square feet. The design comprises five bedrooms, five full and one-half bathrooms, a foyer with staircase, fireplace, formal living and dining room, lounge with bar, home office, walk-in freezer, an 18-seat home theatre, massage room, and much more.

The mansion’s architecture exudes a sense of royalty with heightened ceilings, shining marble, and delicate chandeliers. It redefines luxury and brings forward the impressive architectural skills of Summersun Property Group.

5. Mediterranean Modern Mansion – Florida

Mediterranean Modern Mansion - Florida

The Mediterranean Grand residence in Florida spreads over approximately 27,200 square feet of land. This modern mansion welcomes you with massive iron doors that take you into the space with 26 feet-high ceiling. The features and amenities of this extraordinary property are endless and unique.

The unique features include a movie house with a marquee, a pub, poker, cigar room, music lounge, ice-cream shop, book store, 14 tumbling waterfalls, a lazy river, a rope bridge, a water slide through the mountain, and much more. The vast structure over the land merges luxury, amenities, and a feel of nature.

6. Alegre House – Spain

Alegre House - Spain

The Alegre House in Spain uses warm colors and calmness to white to redefine the meaning of luxury. The structure uses local stone, reeds, wood, polished cement, artisanal wood, concrete, and divers. The architecture consists of the ground floor in pavilion style. The main bedroom and living room are situated on the ground floor.

The first floor has three bedrooms, a leisure room, a service area, and a large room that goes through the house. The structure on the first floor allows the air currents to flow freely indoors.

7. Palazzo di Amore – California

Palazzo di Amore - California .jpg

Palazzo di Amore is an exceptional piece of architecture that exudes majesty. This modern mansion expands itself on a land of 50,000 sq ft. with 12 bedrooms, 20.5 bathrooms, multiple swimming pools, a tennis court, and much more. The grand chef’s kitchen caters to all your needs.

The entertainment complex offers a stage, theatre, ballroom, and bowling alley. In every corner of this splendid mansion is an exquisite design waiting to be explored. Every corner of this lovely space is built in a way that considers the finest details. The fountains will mesmerize you with their graceful flow and softness.

8. Green Haven in Arkansas

Green Haven in Arkansas

Green Haven is a perfect example of luxury and nature coming together. The modern mansion in Arkansas stands amidst the lush greenery. Designed by Marlon Blackwell, this architecture has large transparent windows to integrate nature. The brown shade on the exterior makes it look like a part of nature.

This house design began with the intention of restoring a fire-damaged home. It would be fair enough to say that the house doesn’t even give us a clue about what it looked like before. Beauty, luxury, and comfort reflect in every corner of the newly designed green haven.

9. Mega House – Europe

Mega House - Europe

This contemporary mega house in Europe by Yakusha Design spans 21,000 square feet of living space. With the most exuberant look and lavish amenities, this modern mansion is one of the top structures in Europe. The whole structure uses glass, wood, marble, and other materials to enhance the view.

The two-storey living room with glass walls is one of the most spacious parts of the home. It also has four 2-level children’s bedrooms, a playroom, a huge indoor swimming pool with a slide, and many other entertainment areas. It is truly an unforgettable house in Europe that embodies royalty in its true sense.

10. The Xanadu 2.0 – Washington

The Xanadu 2.0 - Washington

It is considered one of the smartest modern mansions on the planet. Bill Gates bought the land for $ 2 million and spent $ 63 million to build an impressive modern mansion in the United States. The whole structure uses Douglas fir trees and seven types of stones. The Xanadu 2.0 has seven bedrooms and 24 bathrooms.

Not only is the mansion luxurious, but it also is technologically advanced in every form. Every guest gets a pin-like device that captures their personal preferences and makes changes accordingly in the space. The long list of luxuries at the villa includes a steam room, sauna, gym, library, and much more.

11. Buckingham Palace – London

Buckingham Palace - London .jpg

Buckingham Palace is a London royal residence with majestic architecture. The structure has 775 rooms comprising guest rooms, offices, bathrooms, royal guest rooms, and staff bedrooms. It also has a post office, cinema, swimming pool, doctor’s facility, and jeweler’s workshop.

Buckingham Palace is an example of the Baroque style well-known in Europe in those days. The intricate works and carvings on the pillars will leave you mesmerized. John Nash built this U-shaped structure of Buckingham Palace during the last five years of George IV’s life.

12. Jellyfish House – Mediterranean Coast of Spain

Jellyfish House - Mediterranean Coast of Spain

Jellyfish House is a three-storey structure formed by Wiel Arets Architects. It allows you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea from the rooftop terrace and swimming pool area. The pool area extends to cover the semi-closed balcony and projects ripples of light on the ground. The swimming pool makes its way to the top of the structure to allow the family members in the kitchen to see their loved ones swimming.

The name of this structure gets its meaning from the Jellyfish because it is made up of 95% water and 5% solid matter. Similarly, water is the prime part of the structure and covers the whole architecture. This resemblance with Jelly Fish gives this graceful structure its name.

13. The Ficus House – Singapore

The Ficus House - Singapore

Guz Architects created The Ficus House in Singapore. The L-shaped structure brings together both partitions through a courtyard and socializing space. The shape was considered keeping in mind the privacy of two individual families. The L structure allows privacy yet connects them.

This modern mansion has plenty of landscape areas with water features, lawns, embedded stones, and trees. The greenery is well spread in every corner of the land, allowing the family to access relaxation everywhere. The roof gardens ensure that no corner of the house remains free from the creative greens.

14. California Meadow House – Silicon Valley

California Meadow House - Silicon Valley

The California Meadow combines architecture, art, and landscape. The structure consists of three auxiliary buildings and an extensive outdoor area filled with pools and gardens. Some of the most fascinating features of this home include a reflecting pool, a small vineyard, and an underground pub.

This splendid beauty is in Woodside, an affluent town near Silicon Valley. The house stands on 17,000 square feet with low-lying, rectilinear pavilions arranged in an L-shaped formation. Stucco and aluminum panels sheath the exterior walls. Trellis-style roof in this modern mansion provides shade from the Californian sun and blends the home into the landscape.

15. CWN House – Brazil

CWN House - Brazil

CWN House in Brazil is in Santana de Parnaiba, a city 40 km away from Sao Paulo downtown. With 1750 sq. meters of building area, this L-shaped design with three floors. One wing has a steel frame and stone closures. Another wing has frames and brises. One wing parallel to the street is for social areas and has a master suite. The second wing has service and intimate purposes.

The landscaping merges with the structure and has tropical species. The design and materials utilized in the process bring coziness and highlights the natural tones. The garage in the basement has spaces for up to 5 cars and technical areas.

16. Black Villa – New York

Black Villa - New York .jpg

Black Villa is a single-family home in Harriman State Park, New York. The contemporary structure justifies its name by exhibiting the dramatic shade of black on the exterior. It is located on the hillside and naturally surrounded by mountains and greenery. The green roof of living plants enhances the uniqueness.

The interior shades are light in comparison to the exterior. The transparency of the roof allows the flow of light to enter the home. An expansive brightness floods the living room with natural light every day with this structure. A combination of black and brown exhibits the beauty of contrasting shades.

17. Mar De Luz Mansion – Peru

Mar De Luz Mansion - Peru

With an area of 778 square meters, the Mar De Luz mansion is in Paracas, Peru. The 20 meters in the front is open for all social spaces on the first level. However, the second level of this modern mansion comprises a private area. The glass walls allow the wind and sun to move freely through the home.

The beautiful patio area with a dining table allows multiple family gatherings and a fun weekend with friends. The white interior in this theme brings calmness and elegance to this bay area structure. The proper placement of LED lights brings out the beauty during the nighttime.

18. Wall House – Singapore

Wall House - Singapore

The Wall House in Singapore links two blocks through a large double-story central courtyard. This structure comprises two houses that are connected yet independent from each other. This mansion has the most simple entrance at 1116 square meters. It will initially deceive any visitor into believing it is a simple home. As you enter the gate, the secret behind the wall reveals.

Along with lush green surroundings and a natural green roof, the house highlights the presence of nature. The wooden ceilings with geometrical lines create a continuous moving vision above. The sliding windows in multiple living rooms and bedrooms allow the sun to illuminate the space.

19. Satsang Mansion – California

Satsang Mansion - California

Another majestic mansion on the list is Satsang Mansion in Yorba Linda, California. The sprawling structure sits on 1.14 acres of land on a hilltop. Initially built in 2001, this structure was demolished recently by the new owner to form a new design. However, the grandeur of this architectural work is the same.

The large ceilings and rounded aqua-glass windows exude a majestic look from a distance. The residence includes nine bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, vast walls of glass, sprawling terraces, an indoor pool with hand-painted ceiling, and a magnificent view of the foothills. The grounds offer level lawns, fountains, walking paths, and a tennis and basketball court. With a mansion like this, you will never tend to get bored! You always have a source of entertainment or sport to play!

20. Elysium – Mykonos

Elysium - Mykonos

Elysium in Mykonos is a place that offers happiness with spectacular views from the top of a hill setting. It gives a 180-degree view of Mykonos town as you roam on the terrace. The nine-suit-style bedroom spread across the estate with contemporary interiors and modern touch. Inspired by Ancient Greek Cycladic architecture, Elysium embraces the essence of minimalism and modern design.

The features of this design include hallways of stone and glass that integrate with nature in Mykonos. Seven meters of open glass doors slide inside the walls to allow the sun to enter. The sophistication of this property emerges through the creamy stone floors and soft touches.

21. The Quedjinup Mansion – Perth

The Quedjinup Mansion - Perth

The large contemporary two-storey mansion with a white exterior stands tall in Perth. The traditional elevation in this structure blends with the surrounding bushland. The stones on the exterior exhibit a rustic look and contrasts the white shade. At the heart of the home, the living room has a beautiful 360-degree view with an open space.

The beautifully placed windows allow the free flow of air and sunlight and enhance the exteriors. The carport in the front entrance is easily convertible into a two-car garage. Natural shades in the interiors make it a warm and welcoming space for a family.

22. Mannat – Mumbai

Mannat - Mumbai .jpeg

Initially known as Villa Vienna, Shahrukh Khan, an Indian actor, bought this property in 2001 and renamed ‘Mannat.’ The majestic structure is built on 27,000+ square feet and has six floors. The villa has five bedrooms, a state-of-the-art gym, a stunning swimming pool, a library, a magnificent terrace, a private movie theatre, and a neo-classical white entrance.

The large white pillars, classic French windows, and stunning designer lights enhance the elegance of this modern mansion. Plush carpets, designer furniture, art from around the world, and outstanding lighting are a part of the living room at Mannat. A glamorous walk-in closet, office, study area, and award room are thoughtful additions to this structure.

23. Villa Leopolda – France

Villa Leopolda - France .jpeg

This large detached villa on French Riviera is exceptional and one of the most expensive in the world. It consists of 7 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and selected pieces of antiques. Along with the main house are two-guest houses surrounded by a 2.5-acre garden and a zero-edge pool. The outdoor farms provide fresh produce of seasonal vegetables and various locations to relax and emerge in nature.

Multiple amenities at Villa Leopolda include a private pool, barbeque, gym, and outdoor space for dinner and celebrations. A vast wooden gazebo covers some chairs and a coffee table to give you a cozy space for intimate conversations. This structure is equally noteworthy in the interiors and exterior.

24. Ellison Estate – California

Ellison Estate - California.jpeg

Ellison Estate, located in Woodside, California, stands at a price of over $200 million on 23 acres of land. Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, owns this estate and many similar properties in the United States. He is one of the most avid collectors of real estate. He built this lavish Japanese-style structure in 2004 with ten buildings, a man-made lake, a tea house, a bathhouse, and a koi pond.

The buildings use mud-plastered walls and avoid using nails. Moreover, the structure can withstand an earthquake up to 7.3 scale. The whole mansion is an exemplary work of art reflecting tradition, nature, and aesthetics.

25. E Sector Villa in Emirates Hills – Dubai

E Sector Villa in Emirates Hills - Dubai

Sector E is one of the most sought-after places in Dubai, located in the Emirates Hills. The villas in this space have elegant exteriors with panoramic views of golf courses. There are multiple villas with 5, 6 and 7 bedrooms in the Emirates Hills. You can choose a suitable villa depending on your needs.

These villas come with gorgeous structures, swimming pools, and balconies to enjoy your life to the fullest. This villa has multiple car parking areas, schools, and healthcare nearby. To fulfill your craving for entertainment, Emirates Hills has malls in the surrounding to offer you an opportunity to spend your leisure time and get access to the latest products.

Luxury is What Makes You Feel Safe and Proud!

The changing definition of a modern mansion brings forward only one message. Every individual has their priority and values. Some prefer privacy, whereas some prefer being together. Some prefer closeness to nature, whereas some prefer the luxury of architecture. Your choice and comfort will define luxury for you.

As you decide on the design and structure of your own home, ask yourself this question!

How do I want to feel in my space, and what design will help me feel that way?

Once you answer this question, you will get the values that matter the most to you. Share them with your architect and discuss the possibilities. It will help you in deciding the architectural style of your new home!

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