The Best Pinkish White Paint: Sherwin Williams Intimate White

If you always had a special place for the blush and subtle pink-white paint color, then look no more. In this article, we are going to review the Sherwin Williams Intimate White paint color. It is considered the perfect pinkish-white color for people who want a little bit of pink in their house. This paint color helps in adding a charming vibe to your house, irrespective of the house’s interior style. It looks beautiful in the farmhouse, chic, and modern houses.

Having a wall painted in a cool-toned pinkish-white color has become a designer’s first choice for modern houses. It gives a calm effect and maintains the fashion statement of the room as well.

Read the article below to gather all the necessary information about this gorgeous paint color. This could be the color of your dream house, so don’t miss out on the details about this paint below.

Sherwin Williams Intimate White

The Intimate White paint from Sherwin Williams is a nice pink pastel. It looks wonderful when it is painted on the walls. It is always advised to gain all the knowledge and details about the paint you choose for your house. The information will help determine whether the paint color is perfect for your house walls.

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Sherwin Williams, Intimate White number, is 6322, located at 268-C6. The light reflectance value[LRV] is 77. It falls under the lighter shade on the scale. Due to its greater LRV, it can also act as a perfect base.

Also, there are some scientific details about this pinkish-white paint color that you must know. The RGB value of the color is Red 240, Green 225, and Blue 216. There is also a hex code that represents how much red, green, and blue exist in color. The hex code for the Intimate White paint color is #f0e1d8.

How Does the Light Affect this Paint Color?

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Light plays an important role in the appearance of the paint color around the house. The Sherwin Williams Intimate White color, enhances the interiors of the room during the daytime when the natural light is shining. This shade has high reflectivity, reflecting more natural light into the room. It helps in making the room look more airy and spacious.

The shades of the paint may vary according to the amount of light in the room. That is why you must examine the room’s lighting conditions to get an idea of how the color would appear. For example, in the north-facing rooms, the color would appear cool and stark; in the south and west-facing rooms, it would appear warm.

Where to Use this Pinkish-White Paint Colour?

The Sherwin Williams Intimate White paint is considered to be the perfect pink paint for the walls. However, pink paint is always looked at as a color for bedrooms, private rooms, and kids’ rooms. This paint color by Sherwin Williams shows that not only for girls’ rooms, but it also looks great in other areas of the house.

Where to Use this Pinkish-White Paint Colour

This dusty pink paint makes the house look more aesthetically pleasing without overwhelming it. So let us see where this Intimate White paint looks beautiful and eye-capturing.

1. Intimate White Paint in Living and Dining Rooms

Intimate White Paint in Living and Dining Rooms

The pink color is not the traditional choice of color when it comes to living and dining rooms. If styled properly, it can make the room look chic and classic. A fresh coat of this Sherwin Williams paint on the walls of the living or dining room will add a certain character to the overall interiors.

Make sure to decorate the room and the furniture with shades that complement this pinkish-white paint. Whites on the adjacent walls, ceilings, and furniture will highlight the undertones of the paint even more.

Also, pay attention to the pillows, curtains, carpets, and table mats for the decoration of the light pink interiors.

2. Intimate White Paint in The Kitchen

Intimate White Paint in The Kitchen

A pink kitchen not only sounds but looks fun and interesting too. Many people want to paint their kitchen pink but don’t want the intimidating shade for the space. Then don’t worry because your wait is over. This Intimate White paint is the perfect light pink color for your kitchen, which does not overwhelm the entire space with its color properties.

You can use this paint on the cabinets and backdrop wall as well. The clean white paint, when coupled with this pinkish-white paint, gives a very beautiful contrast to the kitchen.

3. Intimate White Paint in the Bedroom

Intimate White Paint in the Bedroom.jpg

This paint is the best color for the bedrooms. The soft and feminine vibes coming from this paint color add a perfect element to the bedroom. If you want to decorate the room for a little girl, this gorgeous shade can do the work for you.

You can also add other elements and colors to make an amazing contrast between the Initmate White paint and the other colors. Colors like sage green, pastel blue, and light yellow complement the light pink paint color very well.

Colors Coordinating with Sherwin Williams Intimate White Paint Colour

Intimate White Paint in the Bedroom.jpg

Sherwin Williams, Intimate White paint is a versatile color that can be used in many different places. The trick is to pair the paint with such colors that look good with it. Let us see some colors that coordinate well with the Intimate White paint color.

  • Westhighland White SW 7566 – Westhighland White paint color by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful creamy white color with a warmer undertone. It looks great with the SW Intimate White paint color.
  • Natural Tan SW 7567 – The Natural Tan paint by Sherwin Williams is a light tan color with slightly green and grey undertones. It gives a calm and relaxed vibe to the place. It can look gorgeous when paired with the pinkish-white paint by Sherwin Williams.
  • Creamy SW 7012 – This creamy paint created by Sherwin Williams is an off-white paint color. It gives a subtle warmth to the space. And it pairs amazingly well with the Sherwin-Williams Intimate White, which is the perfect light pink color.


The Intimate White Paint by Sherwin Williams is a wonderful shade of pink for the houses. It is a pink shade which is not too loud on the walls. It does not overpower the interiors of the space but rather enhances the decor of the room. If you are also looking for a pink paint color that is perfect for all the rooms and does not look intimidating, then this is the perfect paint for you.

We hope that you liked our take on the Intimate White paint by Sherwin Williams. The article above presented has all the information regarding the paint and also some tips on how to style it in different rooms of the house.

So, let us not wait and start the renovation process of the house because you have got a perfect pink color for your house.

Good Luck, and start painting.

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