Phone Strap Bracelet

DIY Tutorial: Phone Strap Bracelet | @onelmon

Hello! I just got back from a short trip to the west part of Japan the other day and bought a handful of phone charms home. Honestly, I don’t use phone charms as they often make scars on my phone screen (yeap, my cellphone is just protected with a silicon back case). As I have enough keychains, this time, I decided to turn them into a bracelet! It’s so easy to make and all you need is, well… your phone charms! Continue reading

Paper Sewing – Book Cover

DIY Tutorial: Paper Sewing - Book Cover | @onelmon

I have owned my current sewing machine for almost a year but except the straight stitch, I’ve yet to try the other fun stitches pre-programmed in it (unbelieveable, I know). So this week, I tried them out, not on a sheet of fabric but on a piece of paper and decided to make a book cover for my planner. I used my left-over wrapping paper for this but you can use any paper you want. Continue reading

Key Ring Photo Holder

DIY Tutorial: Key Ring Photo Holder | @onelmon

By now maybe some of you have realized that I like playing around with photos and making bookmarks. So here comes another photo-related craft today. It’s an easy and quick photo holder using only minimal materials! You can substitute that cork sheet with a plastic cap, a stack of paper (old magazine or newspaper) or anything as photos are lightweight. I just use the cork sheet because I have some leftover on hand. Scroll down to see the how to. Continue reading

Detachable Sleep Mask

DIY Tutorial: Detachable Sleep Mask | @onelmon

I’ve been reminding myself to make a sleep eye mask for months and after a loooong overdue, I finally made one this week! As we always wash our face after we wake up, I thought about making a sleep mask that is detachable from our headband so we can just slide the headband up when we are washing our face. Read on to see the easy tutorial!
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Washi Rubik Necklace

DIY Tutorial: Washi Rubik | @onelmon

Hello guys, hope you are well! I’m back with a new tutorial! Sorry for the inconsistency in the posting schedule recently; a little bit busy with uni’s work but most of all, idea block! (no pun intended). Browsed Pinterest (and got overwhelmed!) but nothing came up until yesterday. Where do you guys usually go when looking for inspirations? I was picking up some washi tape yesterday and tried making a (faux) mini rubik (that ended up as a cute necklace) :D So I’m sharing the tutorial today! Read on to see the easy peasy how-to! Continue reading

Photo Pins

DIY Tutorial: Photo Pins | @onelmon

Okay, first I want to warn you that this post will be shamelessly filled with my old ID photos, please bear with me (^^); I took a lot of ID photos for visa, exams, passport and other related documents and you know how most of them requires the “at least 3 months old” photos. I did cheat sometimes but sometimes your new hair length just won’t let you cheat. 

I usually use the self-service photo box and it always comes with 8 pieces of photo and most of the time, I just use 1 or 2 of them and the others? Stuffed inside my drawer collecting dust. I keep one photo from every print (just to see how I age overtime LOL), so I’m looking for ways to use these old ID photos and came up with today photo pins and magnets! They are great for memo board and chore charts and very easy to make too!
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Bias Tape Strap

DIY Tutorial: Bias Tape Strap | @onelmon

Hi there everyone! So this is my first post in year 2015 and I’m starting it with a sewing craft. I’m still exercising my “sewing with sewing machine” skill and bought a bias tape to challenge myself in sewing a straight line on a narrow surface. Not wanting to waste the bias tape, I turned it into a strap for my ID card. Roll down to see the easy how-to!
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